5 Foolproof Ways to Promote Your Business

Looking for some great foolproof ways to promote your business?


First impressions are really important and you should do everything to make a good one. That begins by looking at things from the client’s perspective and putting them in their shoes. Start by doing these simple things-


Make your reception and waiting area clutter free and welcoming to the clients.


A receptionist should be present to welcome the clients as they step in.


Provide good magazines, comfortable seating options and water in the waiting area.


Give clear directions and parking instructions if the client is coming for the first time.


Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Be a Great Listener


You should actively listen to your client and invest the time to know their business. Your intention to should be to learn everything you need to know. You can also ask probing questions to make things clear.


  1. Focus on the Basics


When dealing with customers, notice and respond to nonverbal cues like smiles, eye contact, frowning


Do not argue or criticize; instead, keep on listening and engaging the client or customer in talking. You could even prepare some relevant questions before the session to keep things on track.


  1. Focus on Customer Service


To provide a good customer service you will need to develop insight into the client’s wants and needs. It is the first step in building a strong and long-term customer relationship.


Also, don’t forget to ask your clients for feedback on your service. You can discover their pain points and optimize your service to address the common complaints. For example, makeup lines to sell always have great customer service.


  1. Conduct Effective Communication


A strong communication is the foundation of a great client relationship. The speed of response and sharing of information builds up trust between the two parties and renders a positive experience.


The nature of effective communication will differ from client to client. While some may prefer to talk over the phone, others may want to use a chat service. Some may want to stay informed every week while for some once in a month works fine. You have to adjust your communication techniques depending on the client.


Your language should also be tweaked according to the client. If you are dealing with business professionals, you must speak in a language that they understand.


  1. Be Responsive and Share Information


It is a common complaint that businesses don’t return calls or reply to emails. But a research by Forrester found that 41% clients expect a reply within 6 hours of sending an email.


You should decide on the frequency of communication while taking up the case and maintain them dedicatedly. Share any information or updates on the case with the client as it will help them feel less helpless. Clients also like to stay informed about what’s going on and consider it a crucial part of customer service.


You should also communicate with your client on the decided frequency even if there hasn’t been any development. Just contact them and tell that. It will always be appreciated.